The Hot Flash Club by Nancy Thayer

Cover of "The Hot Flash Club: A Novel"
Cover of The Hot Flash Club: A Novel
Four women of a “certain age” with different backgrounds, careers, personalities, and dreams meet and surprisingly become friends.  Though quite different from one another they quickly discover they have a couple of things in common; they all feel a bit lost and left behind and they all are ready for a change, a new something or someone.
Alice wears power suits and high heels and has spent years climbing the corporate ladder.  She is never satisfied, always wanting more.  Faye, a lonely widow, an artist who is finding it hard to get her creative juices flowing again.  A massage therapist, Shirley, has a past filled with unhappy relationships and alcohol.  And Marilyn, a scientist, in a marriage that died a quiet death years ago.
Through the meetings of The Hot Flash Club and the deepening of friendship, these four women ask new questions of themselves and find some surprising answers:
Alice learns that maybe she did want it all but now realizes she may not need it all.  Faye finds new ways to nurture her creativity. Shirley begins working not, to just get by, but to make her dream come true.  Probably the biggest change is in Marilyn who realizes she does not have to be who her husband wants her to be.
Four women, of a certain age, who through new friendships share a coming of age of sorts.  With wit and openness, trust and support they encourage each other to finally leave the past, fully live in the present, and fearlessly look to the future.