Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

An ordinary young woman living an ordinary life suddenly disappears.  There are no witnesses or clues.

While the police search for her,  Annie O’Sullivan is hidden away with a mad man in a mountain cabin he built just for her.  The physical, mental, and emotional abuse she endures for the year she is held captive by this obsessed man is only the beginning of her struggles.

Free of her kidnapper, with the help of her psychiatrist,  Annie tries to put her life back together;  but the nightmare is not really over.  The truth behind her disappearance is shocking and heartbreaking.

This first novel of Chevy Stevens is disturbing in its violence and in its conclusion.  Yet, it is a testament to the strength and perseverance of the human spirit to survive.

If you have read this book what do you think about it?  I am looking forward to more from Stevens–are you?