Cat of the Century by Rita Mae Brown

new book: 30Sundays #11
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Aunt Tally is being honored on her 100th birthday by her alma mater.  While she is being honored the alumnae association hopes to raise money to help the school’s dwindling resources.  Joining her in the celebration is her best friend 98-year-old, Inez, and Tally’s niece, Harry, and Harry’s cats and dog.

During the festivities a blizzard threatens, a question about $25,000 arises, and Mariah, an alumnae association board member, disappears.  The blizzard moves on but the questions and mystery of Mariah remain.

Aunt Tally, Harry and the animals, and Inez return home to ponder the week-end events.  Mariah’s disappearance brings back memories of an old mystery that Tally and Inez have often talked about over the years.  As the old ladies reminisce and watch with the wisdom of age, the younger generation tries to unravel the years of rivalry,  jealousy, and tested friendships.

Of course, if the people of the story could hear the cats and dog discuss the week-end happenings a lot of worry and trouble would be averted.  But then there would be no story!

This was an easy read and one most animal lovers would enjoy.  Nothing heavy or brain taxing–just a pleasant read.


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