My Lost Daughter by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg

Shana, a law student at Stanford, may be having a nervous breakdown.  Her mother Lily Forrester, a judge in Ventura, is presiding over a murder trial in her courtroom.  Two women with stressful lives trying to overcome a violent past and understand their complicated relationship.

Lily goes to Stanford  to confront her daughter about her recent erratic and unusual behaviour.  What she finds is an emotionally distraught and irrational young woman.   Desperate to help, Lily takes Shana to Whitehall, a place she believes is a reputable well-respected psychiatric hospital.

The truth is the hospital is staffed with untrained and uncertified care givers , a psychiatrist involved in insurance fraud, and a hiding place for a maniacal  killer.  Shana is drugged, without consent, by her doctor and mistreated by the staff.  But the biggest danger is a fellow patient.

When Lily learns all is not what it seems at Whitehall she uses her influence to keep Shana safe and bring her home.  However, once home the nightmare begun at the hospital continues.  Shana and Lily are at the mercy of a sociopath.

The relationship of this mother and daughter is difficult, filled with guilt and anger.  Lily’s love is unconditional and strong and she has proven in the past that she will do whatever she must to protect her daughter. Whatever the cost she will prove it again.