Miss You Most of All by Elizabeth Bass

Sisters, Rue and Laura, have taken the run down family farm they inherited and built it into a successful enterprise, Sassy Spinster Farm.  Combining farming with providing week-long vacations for guests wanting to get their hands dirty and eat fresh from the farm food, they have made a good life for themselves and Rue’s daughter.

The sisters are hard-working independent women who can handle whatever comes their way.  Then a long comes Heidi, the step-sister they never liked and barely tolerated when they were kids.  Heidi, as usual, is in a mess and has come to hide at the farm. Laura does not want her there but Rue will not turn her away believing families always help each other out.

Heidi’s return complicates life for everyone at the farm.  But Rue finds a much-needed friend in the grown up Heidi.  And Laura is forced to face some things about herself, the past, and what is happening now. She must face what the future holds as well.

If you like to read stories about people with real lives this is the book for you.  It is funny and sweet and sad and heartwarming.  A book about family and what truly makes a family what it is.