How Clarissa Burden Learned To Fly by Connie May Fowler

To be honest for the first fifty pages or so I was wondering if I should continue and try to finish this book.  I am so glad I kept reading.  I had some problem with the wordiness of the descriptions of things, places, people, and feelings.   To me it seemed a bit over done.  But then without my being aware of it the words pulled me in and I was eager to read the next page and discover the next happening in Clarissa’s story.

Clarissa’s life is boring, no other way to put it.  She has a weird uninterested, or interesting, self-absorbed husband.  She has written a successful novel and has a contract for another but is bogged down with writer’s block.  And she lives in a house with a ghost family in residence.

The morning of the summer solstice, Clarissa begins a day of adventures and discoveries and surprises that bring her to the realization that she does have it in her to begin again.  The family of ghosts silently encourage her and doing so find the way to finish their business here and move on.

A thoroughly delightful and funny journey of self discovery and spirit, of endings and new beginnings.