Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner

Jennifer Weiner's new book "Fly Away Home...
Image by pplflickr via Flickr

Three women, Sylvie Woodruff, Senator’s wife, and her daughters, Diana, a doctor, and Lizzie, just out of rehab, are all at a crossroads in their lives.  Sylvie’s husband has had an affair that has become public knowledge.  Diana has made mistakes personally and professionally.  Lizzie, always the problem child, falls in love for the first time and for the first time faces responsiblity head on.

They all end up in Connecticut at Sylvie’s grandmother’s old house.  Getting to really know each other  for the first time each woman shed layers of protection they have built around themselves and show who they are as women, mothers, daughters, and sisters.

Thanksgiving Day brings family and friends together for a dinner that holds  surprises for everyone.  The ties of family, all the good and bad, funny and sad, happy and hurtful things that are part of those ties are found in this very normal family.   Just a story about people who are family trying to live good decent happy lives.  And as with most people and their families sometimes it all gets a bit muddled.