Pray For Silence by Linda Castillo

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An  Amish family of seven is found murdered in their home.  The two teenage daughters   tortured to death.  The questions about the  Plank family murders are many and perhaps the most puzzling is why.  Why would some one kill a whole family of  Amish?

It is up to Kate Burkholder,  Chief of Police of Painters Mill, to answer the question  why and to find the person or persons who committed the crime.  Kate finds this crime especially hard to deal with because she grew up Amish and because it brings back painful memories of her past.

Kate finds the diary of one of the tortured victims and learns some shocking secrets about the girl.  Kate must find the handsome stranger the girl fell in love with and who used her innocence to lure her into his ugly world.   There are also Plank family secrets  uncovered involving an older son and violence rare in the Amish community.

To catch the killer Kate uses herself as bait.  The bait is taken and the case is solved.  Or is it?   The law is satisfied but Kate is far from convinced, there are too many loose ends to satisfy her.  She not only does not think the crime  solved but many new questions have come to her mind.  In spite of the questions she must close the case.  But will she?