Half A Life by Darin Strauss

Cover of "Half a Life"
Cover of Half a Life

Darin Strauss begins his book with, “Half my life ago, I killed a girl.”

He goes on to tell how when he was eighteen, on a bright Spring day full of promise, he killed her.   Darin was driving; he was with friends on their way to play putt-putt.  His car was in the far left lane, up ahead on the right were bicyclists.  One of the bikes wobbled a bit, he saw that, then the bike was in his lane…

The girl on the bike was a classmate, Celine.  He remembers the impact and little else of the next few minutes.  He does remember seeing Celine on the road.  He remembers the unreality and shock of the accident.  In his book he tells us what the next few weeks were like and what it was like for the next eighteen years of his life.

Darin was found not at fault and yet there was a lawsuit that dragged on for years.  Darin graduated from high school and went to college, began his career and married and has a child.  And everyday he thinks of Celine.  Everything he does or experiences, every mile stone in his life he remembers that Celine will never know these things.

Darin Strauss’ story is difficult to read because of the tragedy of the accident but also because of its honesty.  He tells a story of pain and guilt, of responsibility and maturity.  A story of living with the past and  trying to understand it and how it affects the present.  It is a story of hope.


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