I Remember Nothing and Other Reflections by Nora Ephron

Somehow when I think of successful women like Nora Ephron I think they are very different from me.   For some reason I think they have all the answers and everything works out for them.  That the silly irritating bothersome things in my life are not a part of their reality.  Then I read a book by Nora Ephron.

She tells of not recognizing people who seem to be her best friends, and she cannot remember their names. (Been there done that.)  She tells of an inheritance that luckily she did not spend before she got it seeing as it got smaller and smaller by the week.  (We all believe there are more eggs in the basket than the  basket has room for.)  There are stories of love and success, professional and personal, and stories of “flops”, professional and personal.  (Nobody’s road is smooth it seems.)

If you have read Ephron’s book, “I Feel Bad About My Neck”, you know you want to read this one.  If you haven’t read “I Feel Bad About My Neck” you should.  I liked this book, “I Remember Nothing”, but I really liked “I Feel Bad About My Neck”.

The thing I learned reading these little books of essays is that successful Nora Ephron is a woman of a certain age who is like me,  normal.  Whatever that is!