Katie Up and Down the Hall by Glenn Plaskin

A lovely true story of how people sometimes need a little help connecting, and how sometimes help comes in unexpected ways.

Katie, a cocker spaniel puppy, enters Glenn Plaskin’s life and quickly changes his life and the lives of five other people.  People who were neighbors yet strangers to each other.  She has no problem bringing these strangers together and making a family of them.

This special dog rules her world, a floor of apartments in a New York City highrise.  She dresses up for parties and holidays, sits politely at the dinner table, uses the TV remote,  types, participates in races in the hallway, takes walks and naps with her family.

She helps them through some really tough times; accidents, hospitalizations,separations, death, and the horror of 9/11.  She knows what each one needs, the elderly woman and her husband, the single father and his young son, and of course her Dad, Glenn.  She knows they need each other and with affection and intelligence she brings them to the realization that families are not always relatives.

Katie’s story is funny and sad, heartwarming and up-lifting.  To read Plaskin’s memoir of Katie’s impact on his life, and the lives of his new family, and how she is a part of their hearts is a testament to the power of the connection between people and their beloved family members who just happen to be furry and four legged.


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