Chasing The Night by Iris Johansen

The two-year old son of CIA agent Catherine Ling was kidnapped.  Ling knows who took Luke and why.   She has been playing cat and mouse with the sadistic Rakovac for years and is now out of patience.  She wants Luke back and she wants revenge.

Nine years after the kidnapping Ling wants forensic sculptor, Eve Duncan, to help her find her son.  Ling knows that Eve’s daughter was kidnapped many years ago and never found.  She uses this knowledge to convince Eve to take her skills and make an age progression series of what Luke would look like in the present.  As Eve works on this she and Ling develop a kinship of shared suffering. This kinship leads Eve to a much deeper involvment than she anticipated or wants.

With the help of ex-Navy Seal, ex-FBI agent, now police detective, Joe Quinn, they travel many miles to force the kidnapper to lead them to Luke, or to Luke’s grave.   The determination, strength, and courage of the two mothers on a mission to bring the boy home to his mother is brought almost to a breaking point with the awareness that Luke may not be alive.

The question of whether Luke is alive or dead is always being asked; but there is also the question, if he is alive what is he like after so many years in the hands of his mother’s enemy.


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