The Other Life by Ellen Meister

In this life, on this side of the portal, Quinn Braverman, lives with her adoring husband, Lewis, her son, Isaac, and is pregnant with daughter, Naomi. On the other side she lives with her boyfriend, Eugene.  Eugene is the sort of famous, needy, neurotic man who drives her crazy, who she loves.  Quinn has always known about the other side, the other life.  She knows it is possible to go to the other life, to cross from this life to the other.  She has always wondered about her other life, the life she lives on the other side, but she has never gone there.

When Quinn and Lewis learn the probable future of their unborn daughter it shakes Quinn to her very core.  She begins going to her other life.  A life that includes her mother, who she desperately needs, but is dead in the life she shares with Lewis and Isaac.  Quinn knows she cannot continue travelling back and forth between lives.  She must choose, the life with husband, son, unborn Naomi, and only memories of her mother, or the life with Eugene and her mother.

This is not a type of book I normally read.  It does have a “new-age” sort of feel to it that I personally do not like as a rule.  But read as a story of love and loss and how we cope with life’s many trials and joys it is a worthwhile read.