have a little faith by Mitch Albom

Mitch Albom was asked by Rabbi Albert Lewis to write his eulogy.  When Albom agrees, hebegins an eight year journey with the New Jersey Rabbi.  A journey that teaches him about faith and love and selflessly serving others and how these three things together develop communities.

Conversations with Rabbi Lewis cause Mitch to reflect on his community in Detroit and he takes notice of some of the needs there.  As he looks for ways to serve his community he is led to Henry Covington, his story, and the I Am My Brothers Keeper Ministry.

Albert Lewis and Henry Covington, two very different men.  Different races, religions ,educations, and histories.  Yet, the same love of God and man, and the same desire to serve the One by serving others.  Both speak to Mitch, his mind and his heart.

A simple book with profound truth.  Interesting read.


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  1. Their bond also provides the backdrop for spiritual conversations on life faith and hope…..Albom searches for the substance of faith through the lens of Rabbi Albert Lewis. Affectionately nicknamed The Reb Lewis was a gentle and affable soul with a word of wisdom and a song on his lips.

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