City of Tranquil Light by Bo Caldwell

Will and Kathrine Kiehn tell the story of their life as  American missionaries in early 1900’s China.  Each, with their own voice, tell of their experiences and we learn of their love of God, each other, and the people of  City of Tranquil Light.

Life is not easy, there are many trials and hardships and dangers.  Their love and faith are tested over and over.  They endure loss that is almost unbearable, face marauding bandits, political upheavals, and famine.  Each test brings them closer to one another and closer to the people and place they have come to know as family and home.  As great as the trials are so are the blessings.

Of particular interest, to me, was the bandit, Hsiao Lao.  He is a wild murdering leader of a gang of bandits.  How his life becomes entwined with Will and Katherine is quite intriguing and beautiful.  The surprising turn his life takes and how it affects the missionaries is a story in itself.  It would be wonderful if Caldwell returned to his story in another book.

The grandparents of the author were the inspiration for City of Tranquil Light.  She has written a book of love and spiritual lessons that will open the eyes and heart of anyone on their own spiritual journey.

This is a lovely book that at times is hard to read for the struggles and hardships lived by these people.  It is written with insight and intellect that make Will and Katherine so honest and true that one comes to know them; and in knowing them one hurts with them and rejoices with them.