I’m Over All That by Shirley MacLaine

Somewhat mellowed by age and experience;  but still Shirley, outspoken, opinionated, curious, and telling it like she sees it.

Some of what she is over:

Being concerned about what she shouldn’t do, watching the news (almost over), young people who are rude, being polite to boring people.

Some of what she is not over:

Performing live, good journalists, having her hair colored.

Shirley reminisces about many, including, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Alfred Hitchcock, the “Jacks”,  and polititians.  All in an easy breezy, mostly light-hearted way.

As usual she speaks her mind about religion, politics, and Hollywood.  She is open and honest about how she feels about aging, exercise, funerals, dogs, and sex.  Always the entertainer, Ms MacLaine will entertain you with her stories and thoughts about random things.


3 thoughts on “I’m Over All That by Shirley MacLaine

  1. I think this book is superfluous, boring and stupid. It gave me nothing. I am disappointed in Ms Maclaine. What a waste of a book.

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