Eve by Iris Johansen

Eve Duncan has been searching for her kidnapped daughter, Bonnie, for years.  She is now being helped by her friend, CIA agent Catherine Ling.

When Ling finds a link to John Gallo it reveals some of Eve’s secrets, and a lot about her past, which include Gallo.

Eve thought Gallo was killed while on a secret mission for the government.  Where has he been and what has he been doing all these years?  Did Gallo kidnap and kill Bonnie?  Why would he?  What really happened to him since he joined the army and the last time Eve saw him?

As teenagers Eve and Gallo were obsessed with each other.  How will his entering her life again affect her relationship with long-time love Joe Quinn?

There are lots of twists and turns in this fast paced novel.  And as this is the first of a series of three novels there are lots of unanswered questions.  Johansen knows how to keep the reader hooked.