Here If You Need Me by Kate Braestrup

Kate Braestrup, her husband, and four children were living happily in Maine.  All was well.  Then the unthinkable happened to her husband,  State Trooper Drew Braestrup.  How Kate and their children come to terms with his death is part of the story here, but there is much more.  A true story of faith and courage and love.

Kate follows Drew’s dream of becoming a minister and attends seminary.  After graduation she is hired by the Maine Warden Service as Chaplain.   She ministers to the Game Wardens and Search and Rescue Teams and to the people of Maine who need the services of these agencies.  She tells her story of moving from wife and mother to mother and chaplain with honesty and humor.

She is funny and often irreverent, thoughtful and insightful, sometimes angry,  always caring and compassionate.  Some of the events Braestrup writes about have happy endings, some do not.  In them all we see glimpses of a woman who found a calling when she was not looking for one.  She faithfully marches along with the Wardens, listening, laughing, and crying with them and the people they serve.