The Inheritance of Beauty by Nicole Steiz

The past affects everyone differently.

Everyone remembers the past differently.

When an event or crisis occurs how each person involved will remember it and be affected by it will be determined by how they see their part, their role, in the event or crisis.

And so it is for Maggie and her brother, Ash, and their friend, George.  As childhood playmates they explore and have adventures in their little town of Levy, South Carolina, in the  1920’s.  The innocence of childhood is stolen when a stranger comes to town one summer, bringing destruction and horror.  Because of this stranger Maggie loses her brother and nearly loses her life.

Eighty years later, Maggie and George live in a nursing home with the memories of that long ago summer put away and almost forgotten.  Almost forgotten until Maggie receives a large surprise package and George receives a packet of letters written many years ago and not mailed until now.

Each has been hiding from and trying to forget what they believe happened that awful summer.  Now they are confronted with the past and are trying to find  the truth about what they remember;  Maggie in silence and George in his dreams.

A heartbreaking love story about the love of a brother and sister, the love of friends, and the love of marriage.  A love story about growing old and seeing true beauty in self and others despite the memories of long ago.