The Passage by Justin Cronin

In the future, a secret military experiment goes horribly wrong with catastrophic results, for the nation and the world, when the subjects of the experiment escape.  Thus begins life in a new world of chaos and bloodshed.  A world of fear and violence and death and hopelessness.

Amy, a six-year-old orphan and part of the experiments, is rescued by FBI Agent Brad Wolgast.  He does everything he can to protect her. Ultimately, she must journey on alone to put an end to the nightmare life has become.

I found this book hard to put down.  Once I learned what life would be like for the survivors of the unleashed horrors I wanted to know how they would cope with endless daylight and walls and hopelessness.  It seems there is little for these people to expect other than extinction of the human race.

For the most part the people have accepted their fate.  Yet, there are a few brave souls who will not  give up.  They dream of  life that once was;  life that they never knew and can barely imagine.   And they know they are going to die but they refuse to die without a fight.

At first I was disappointed with the ending…but there will be a second book next year.


3 thoughts on “The Passage by Justin Cronin

  1. I was sent over here by the link from “Today I think.” Sounds like an interesting book, though depressinbg! Is it as depressing as Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road?”

    I might download “The Passage,” after you tell me whether there is a glimmer of hope in it or not. :-D

  2. Yes, there is hope. I thought it was a great read–but long. I didn’t think it was depressing. It tells of the tenacity of people. There is a sequel coming out next year that I will difinitely read.
    I didn’t read The Road so can’t compare.

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