The Summer Guest by Justin Cronin

Joe and Lucy own a fishing camp in Maine and every summer Harry is a guest for a week or two.  The  camp is a place of respite and renewal for Harry.  He and Joe and Lucy become, if not friends, something more than guest and hosts.

After thirty years of visits, Harry makes his last visit to the camp.  He is dying and has two things he wants, a day of fishing in a place he loves  and to leave a gift.

Told in the voices of four people, Joe, Lucy, Harry, and Jordan, we hear the stories about their lives and loves and how they are intertwined.  Each one has a life of secrets, fears, courage, friendships, and forgiveness.

The characters are believable in the telling of their story.  They are by turns stories of loving and being loved, causing hurt and being hurt, forgiving and being forgiven, and always trying to stay true to their own personal code of honor.



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