One day by David Nicholls

On Friday July 15,1988, Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew have just graduated from university in Edinburgh and have just met.

She is working class, studious, serious, with an off beat sense of humor, attractive without knowing it, and a bit awkward.  He is upper class, handsome and knows it, just wants to have fun, and barely made to graduation.  Very different people yet they find themselves quite taken with each other.  That is the beginning.

Emma and Dexter spend the next 20 years in and out of each others life.  They have fun, they fight, they laugh, and they cry. They remain friends.  She finds a career she likes and if not happy accepts her life.  He is semi-famous and miserable.  That is the middle.

Emma and Dexter have a falling out and later reunite. They are the same but very different.  They are certainly older and maybe wiser and still friends.  Then something happens.  That is the end.

Nicholls is great with dialog and his characters are real and easy to relate to.  Sometimes you want to slap Emma and Dexter other times you want to give them a hug. 

I liked it.