Awakening by Stovall Weems

Do you feel like you are sleepwalking through life?  Maybe you need an awakening, an awakening of your spiritual life.

Pastor Stovall Weems believes a way to that awakening is in four steps:

1.  experiencing surrender
2. experiencing passion for God
3. experiencing God’s goodness
4. creating space for God

In his book, Awakening, Pastor Weems gives encouragement and practical advise to help the reader understand the four steps.  Surrender anew and totally, be passionate and fall in love with God, know God’s goodness and what grace really is, and open a place within for God to fill.

The steps are taken with prayer and fasting.  Prayer here is threefold; righteous, effective, and fervent.  Fasting is something to enjoy, once you find your “fasting zone”.  With prayer and fasting comes an agreement with God, alignment with His will, and your assignment, the purpose of your life.

Part Two of the book is the Awakening 21-Day Plan.  Included are different types of fasts, sample menus, and tips on preparing for the fast and ending it.  There is also a 21 day guide; each day has a scripture, short devotion, bible reading plan, prayer focus, and a place for notes. 

Overall I thought the book was  interesting and has some good points and suggestions. I especially like the inclusion of the 21 day guide.   But I do not know if it is something that will “revolutionize your relationship with God”  as the book cover claims. 

There are many personal stories of Pastor Weems and testimonies of others.  These are interesting and have their place in the book. But, there is the feeling that if you follow this books suggestions you will not only have an awakening but a miracle.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange for this review.