Thereby Hangs A Tail by Spencer Quinn

Having read the first in the Chet and Bernie Mystery series, Dog On It, I was looking forward to the second; but sometimes subsequent books in a series are not a good as the first.  In this case, no disappointment, Spencer Quinn’s second book, Thereby Hangs A Tail, is as funny and engaging as the first.

Chet is a dog and tells the story from his point of view, not always understanding human words and ways.  Chet and his human, detective Bernie Little, are hired to protect Princess, a dog show competitor.  Before they begin the job Princess and her owner, Adelina, are kidnapped.  While they are  on the hunt for the kidnappers Bernie’s sometimes girlfriend, Susie, disappears.  All this keeps Chet and Bernie busy.

Chet has no worries about the outcome of the missing people and dog because he knows he and Bernie are a great detective team.  Bernie remembers everything and Chet has the best nose for sniffing out the bad guys, though he tends to be distracted by his rambling thoughts.

Quinn has written a funny and interesting mystery peopled with some quirky characters and entertaining dialog, especially Chet’s.  This is truly a funny book about some unfunny happenings that explores the partnership of a dog and his human and the love and loyalty they share.

Did I like the book?  Oh, yes.  But the question about Chet that is left unanswered has me impatient for the next Chet and Bernie Mystery.



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